Australian Timber, Australian Made Tables and Furniture Built to Last for Years

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Solid construction and professionally assembled to minimise frame movement and provide maximum stability
  • This is NOT a backyard job, all cuts and joints are professionally done, fixings are hidden where possible
  • Solid frame designs minimise natural timber movement- which will occur outdoors
  • Comfort These designs are safe and suit outdoor cafes, school yards and entertainment areas
  • Bench seats have angled back rests for a natural seating position
  • Bench seats have a safe wide base support to prevent any chance of tipping over
  • Tables are over 200kg so won't blow away and will last a lifetime
  • Ergonomic Design with perfect table and seat height
  • Splinters, edges removed and finished kid-safe
  • Actual sizes are within 2cm of stated

Timber and Materials
  • Table frames are all in durable hardwood, not pine or any other softwood
  • Every item is heavy use on my power tools and requires planing blades, sanding pads, drills and saw blades
  • Cost of the materials is 2/3 of the total price, hence prices are great value for you
  • Galvanised bolts for long life
  • Red Gum is not always available, please ask
  • It is suggested you sand lightly and coat with decking oil annually, or simply let the timber naturally go grey - the same as you would treat external decking
  • Other alternatives to the Australian hardwoods is Cypress pine or treated pine
  • View http://www.choicetimber.com.au/timber_types/timber-types.htm

Delivery cost and time
  • Yes, you can order multiple products, but allow time to build - from 3 to 7 days
  • Good value delivery from $25
  • Delivery cost is the same for up to 3 items
  • If access if difficult or you would like the table moved into position, it is best to request our on-location assembly service which is no additional cost on top of the delivery fee

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