Australian Picnic Tables Australian Picnic Tables Ironbark outdoor setting large ironbark Australian Picnic Table and Double Bench Seat, completing a new backyard 154312768 ironbark table top ironbark at it's best - all our ironbark tables come with this impeccable finish that takes 3 hours of work alone!!! note the detail and small sap line and colour variations 97924070 Large mountain ash tables these are our large 2.4m tables 89435346 Large 2.4m Ironbark table at Ripponlea our tables are perfect for all outdoor settings and with some annual maintenance will last for many years 117690839 Large Blackbutt table 143916399 Close up of an Ironbark table 143422241 Ironbark Table at Gulf Station, Yarra Glen 143422242 Onsite build service difficult access? try our onsite build service 143422243 Coated Pine Table with Hardwood Frame 143916976 Stainless Framed Ironbark Fully framed table top and seats 183863531