Double Bench Seats Double Bench Seats double bench seat ash 1.2m, 38cm wide 150897854 2.4m red gum double bench seat completed wide enough to snooze on! 104801539 Large 2.4m double bench seat what a difference this bench seat could make to your garden... stable and ergonomic design 117689277 bench seats to complement a large dining table 108498311 medium 1.2m bench seat these bench seats add extra capacity to all our tables 108498312 double bench seat ironbark 2.4m, 38cm wide double standard width allows you to rest and sleep on these seats 150897853 Blackbutt bench seat Large 2.4m Blackbutt bench seat on matching decking 138643758 outdoor setting add seating space by adding a couple of bench seats to your table 117689276