Australian Timber, Australian Made Tables and Furniture Built to Last for Years

OzTables Full Price List (prices in Australian Dollars,  fully inclusive)

Australian Picnic Tables

Solid 40mm thick timber, bolted and checked-in solid hardwood frame
2.4m long, 1.5m wide, 80cm wide top, 19cm wide seats
Polished and oiled finish. Be proud to own a piece of furniture in the world's hardest timber.


extremely durable
gold and brown


long lasting
various finishes available



painted durable and light table top with a

hardwood frame


Umbrella Hole       $10                    Wider 28cm seat     $90

Alfresco Dining Tables

Alfresco tables may be used indoors also as the timber is air-dried to minimum moisture

Solid timber top with 2mm spacing between planks, bolted and checked in solid frame

To calculate seating capacity, allow at least 50cm per person per table side

Prices are for tables only, bring your own chairs or select matching seats

All fixings and bolts hidden from view

A variety of timbers are available

Alfresco Square

0.76m  $990
1.15m  $1290
1.5m  $1690 (shown)
1.65m $1890

Alfresco H-frame

1.8 x 0.95m  $1390
2.1 x 0.95m  $1490
2.4 x 0.95m  $1590
2.4 x 1.15m  $1690 (shown)

Alfresco I-frame

1.6 x 0.76m  $1190

1.6 x 0.95m  $1290

2.1 x 0.95m  $1390 (shown)

2.4 x 0.95m  $1490

Bench Seats

Our bench seats are made with stable and wide frames to prevent them falling over

The seats are 38cm wide so you can lie down and nap on them

To calculate seating capacity, allow at least 50cm per person

Comfort Seat

Angled Back Rest

2.4m  $495


1.2m  $375

1.8m  $420

2.4m  $490


1.2m  $395

1.8m  $440

2.4m  $480